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Unlock the thrill of kitesurfing with Flag Beach Watersports, your Kitesurf School in Fuerteventura. Fuerteventura stands out as one of Europe’s top destinations for learning kitesurfing, just a short 4-hour flight away from most European airports. Immerse yourself in a watersport paradise boasting warm sunny weather, consistent wind, and exciting surf conditions.

At Flag Beach Watersports, a pioneer in Fuerteventura’s kitesurfing scene since 1998, we offer top-notch kitesurfing rentals and courses. Our perfect learning playgrounds provide the ideal setting for you to try your hand at kitesurfing. Our proven teaching methods, refined over the last 25 years, ensure that each session on the water maximizes your learning experience. Start your kitesurfing journey with us and discover why Fuerteventura is the ultimate destination for kitesurf courses.

Aerial view of kitesurfing lesson being taught from a boat.

Our Kitesurf Courses

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What is your current level

Beginner Kitesurfing Courses in our Kitesurf School

Our beginner kitesurfing courses are tailored to fit around your holiday plans, whether you are in Fuerteventura just to learn to kite or just want to try a new sport on holiday, we are sure we have the right type of course for you. You can book courses from 1 to 5 days, and we will always offer you the opportunity to upgrade your course so that you can continue to learn, practice and progress to the next stages in kitesurfing.  

We always recommend booking at least a 3-day course. This gives you time to learn and understand the basics and have your first exhilarating rides on the board.


What Will I learn?

Day 1

Day 1 starts off with a short theory session to explain and show you everything you need to know before going into the water. We then take you to the beach for a 3-hour beach flying lesson where you can master controlling the kite, body drag positions and practice one-handed kite control. Following this session you can continue to practice for an addition 3 hours ensuring you are comfortable with the kite before your on-water session the following day.

Day 2

On day 2 we head out into open water to teach you the on-water kite skills. The session is split up into two parts with the first part covering re-launching the kite and body dragging and the second covering one-handed kite control, stabilising your body in the water, getting the board on your feet and water start basics. Each exercise is demonstrated by the instructor first before passing you the kite.

Day 3

On day 3 we focus all your time on getting you up on the board and making your first rides. During these sessions, we like to coach you from the boat, allowing you plenty of time to practice the skills we have shown you. To develop the feeling for independent kitesurfing takes practice and if not done already we encourage you to extend your course for more days to enhance your progress and give you more time to enjoy riding across the water.

Day 4

Now that you are mastering your water starts and making some exciting rides, we now turn our attention to keeping your rides going. We will coach you on how to use the kite to keep you riding for longer, and begin to look at how your body position effects where you can ride. Now that you have mastered some longer rides, it’s time to work on your upwind riding, which takes you one step closer to being an independent kitesurf

Day 5

During this session we will work on correcting your stance, how to edge the board and how to use the kite to get you riding upwind. Once you have mastered upwind riding, you’ll be able to kitesurf independently. At this point, we recommend more practice time and some private lessons from the beach to build confidence kitesurfing with other people.

* Water time is always shared with one other person

Kite being launched in kitesurfing lesson in Fuerteventura

Our Recommended kite courses

3 day kite course
from €395

Kitesurfing instructor teaching student from a boat

5 day kite course
from €570

Aerial view of kitesurfing lesson being taught from a boat.

Beginner kite course prices

Intermediate Kitesurfing Courses in our Kitesurf School

Our Intermediate kitesurfing courses have been created to take your kitesurfing skills to the next level. From the first session, you will be on the water, where our instructors will check your current level, refresh the basic kite control and allow you time to familiarize yourself with the kite. From there, our instructors will coach you based on your current level, allowing you to improve with each session. We offer Intermediate courses from 1 day to 5 days, so they best fit in with your holiday plans. To get the most from your kite course in Fuerteventura, we always recommend booking at least 3 days, which will allow you lots of time in the water to improve your kitesurfing.


What Will I learn?

Day 1

The first session is split into two parts, this could be body dragging or getting straight on the board, depending on your experience. Your instructor will demonstrate the exercise with you, then you will practice with the instructor, before having time to practice alone and get comfortable with the kite.

Day 2

You’ll get straight into the water on day 2 of your intermediate kitesurfing course. The day will be split into two sessions, both of them in the water with the board. Each day practicing with our instructors will make you more comfortable with the kite and the board. At the end of day 2 we’d expect you to be able to ride back and forth downwind in both directions, but it really depends on your existing skill level, so you might be able to do much more already.

Day 3

Day 3 will be split into two sessions, both of them in the water with the board. Each day practicing with our instructors will make you more comfortable with the kite and the board. At the end of day 3 we’d expect you to be able to ride across the wind and maybe starting to look at riding upwind, again depending on pre existing skill level.

Day 4

Depending on your skill level at this point, we will either continue to work on your upwind riding, or we will start to teach you some basic transition turns, which allows you to change direction without coming to a stop and keeps you progressing towards the wind. 

Day 5

At this point, if we feel you are managing the basics and kiting nicely upwind, one of our instructors will demonstrate to you a basic trick (Toe-side, for example) so that you have something extra to work towards. During this session, we encourage you to keep practicing everything you have learnt to build your confidence in kitesurfing. On completion of this course, you should have covered parts of level 3 IKO kitesurf card. If you are interested and conditions allow, we encourage you to book a private lesson with an instructor to familiarize yourself with kiting from a beach. If we feel that the conditions are not suitable for your current level, more practice time can be arranged with one of our downwind sessions.

* Water time is always shared with one other person

Kite flying at Flag Beach Fuerteventura

Intermediate kite course prices

Private Kitesurfing Lessons in our Kitesurf School

Beach: Flag beach
Start time: Arrange with instructor on location
Instructor to student ratio 1:1

Private kitesurfing courses are best suited for the advanced rider wanting to learn turns, jumps, rotations and more. Private courses are not recommended to any kitesurfer who cannot go upwind.

When running a private hour the instructor may either be on a kite himself, doing a ‘follow the leader’ style lesson, or may swim after the student and have them kite away from him and back to him. If the instructor does use a kite, he always kites around the student and keeps at a safe distance so that the student can see and hear the instructor.

Private hours are only given by our most experienced instructors with 5+ years of experience.

Kitesurfer waiting at waters edge at Flag beach.

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