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Fuerteventura stands out as one of Europe’s premier locations for surf lessons, accessible with just a short 4-hour flight from most European airports. Experience a haven for watersports amidst warm, sunny weather, consistent waves, and ideal learning environments. Our mobile surf school ensures you explore the best surfing beach daily, with approximately 10 options in the north of Fuerteventura, catering to both beginner and intermediate surfers. Opt for our flexible courses, aligning with your holiday plans for a tailored learning experience.

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Beginner surf courses - Surf Lessons in Fuerteventura

Our beginner surf courses have been tailored to fit your holiday plans. If you are looking to try a new sport on holiday or improve your current skills., we are sure that we have the right surfing course for you. Our instructors are experienced at understanding the island conditions and will take you to the best surfing spot for your level and where they feel you will make the most progress in surfing. You can join our 3-4 hour daily surf trip for a taster day to just try out surfing, or join us for more days and enjoy your holiday surfing waves and relaxing. We have surfing courses from 1 day up to 12 days, allowing you to choose what works best for you, and make the most of your time in the water.


What Will I learn?

Day 1

The aim of session one is to introduce you to surfing in a safe, relaxed way, allowing you to gain confidence in the waves from day one. We start all our sessions with a warm-up to prepare your body and mind to catch some waves. And after a short safety talk, We then explain and demo how to enter the water, how to paddle, and how to catch white water waves and stand up. Then we will go into the water together for you to practice these skills. The feeling of catching waves is truly amazing as you surf into the beach. 95% of our students love this feeling so much that they come back and surf with us again for the rest of their holiday.

Day 2

Session 2 kicks off with a short drive to the surf spot for that day. After a short warm-up, the aim of this session is to continue working on the basics from the day before and focus on paddling the board, board balance, body positioning, and popping up and riding white water waves. During this session, our instructors will encourage you to try and catch as many waves as possible and offer you individual coaching in the water or on-land to help you improve your surfing style.

Day 3

By session 3 you should be more confident in the waves and start to feel more comfortable paddling, and trying to get to your feet. During this session, our instructors will work with you to improve your positioning in the water, pop up technique and riding position. If at this point you are standing up and going straight down the line into the beach, we will begin to introduce to turning the board on the white water waves. 

Day 4

Our aim on the 4th day of the course is to help you overcome any technique issues that are preventing you from achieving the skill you are working on. Our instructors will recap any basic information and help you practice. This could be with some more individual on land exercises or in the water with you pushing you onto waves, whatever we can do to get you up and riding towards the beach. 

Day 5

By the end of the 5th day you should be comfortable going into the water, getting into position in the white water, paddling, popping up and riding the wave to the beach with a good surfers’ stance. At this point if we haven’t already we will demonstrate, instruct and coach you on how to turn the board on the white water wave allowing you to head both left and right directions.

Day 12

After 12 days of consistent surfing, you will feel like a pro and be proud of how far you have come, learning this amazing sport. By this point, you should be comfortable being in the surf, have good balance on the board when paddling and be able to catch, ride and turn easily on white water waves. You should be confident in paddling out back through the breaking waves and be able to position your board correctly to catch green water waves (The wave before they break). At this point, you are well on your way to being a lifelong surfer looking to catch the best waves at the spot.

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Private surf lessons

Do you want to learn to surf in Fuerteventura with your own personal coach? Book a private surfing lesson and work on a specific surfing skill, paddle past the break with an instructor and get one on one instruction to build your confidence. We offer private surfing lessons.

Please get in touch to check availability and prices.

Private hours are only given by our most experienced instructors.

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