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We open our kite and surf shop in El Cotillo Fuerteventura to make it easier for you to book your watersport courses and grab your rental equipment. We have stocked our shop with everything you need for your watersport holiday. Our kite and surf shop is located close to El Cotillo main beach, Cotillo lagoons, and the north shore, where you’ll find some great surf spots.

Kite and surf shop in El Cotillo

Why choose us for your watersport holiday

Our Accommadation

El Caleton accommodation in El Cotillo Fuerteventura

Our accommodation will fit your holiday plans. Tell us what you need and allow us to book your watersports holiday in Fuerteventura.

Our Instructors

Kite and surf shop instructor smiling

Fuerteventura has some of the best spots in Europe to learn a watersport. Our experienced instructors have expert knowledge of the island conditions, allowing you to get the most from your watersports holiday. Book your lesson at our kite and surf shop in El Cotillo.

Our teaching Methods

Private windsurfing lesson at flag beach Fuerteventura

Do you want to blast across the water? We have been providing watersport tuition for over 30 years. We love to see you progress. Our lessons have been created to give you the perfect balanced between expert instruction, personal coaching and lots of practice time.

About Flag Beach and our kite and surf shop

At Flag Beach we are a fun team of kiters, windsurfers and surfers who are all passionate about offering unforgettable watersport holidays on our beautiful island Fuerteventura. We want you to love your time here and enjoy all the wonderful experiences Fuerteventura has to offer.

Let us share our island with you and show you all the best surf spots. We want to give you an authentic, relaxing holiday experience which will make you want to return to Fuerteventura  year after year.

Our watersports instructors are passionate about being in the water. They love to get you standing up on a board for the first time. Landing that trick you’ve worked on for ages and take real pleasure in improving your watersports skills in whatever sport you choose. We want to make sure you are having fun. Progressing with every session and excited to get back in the water to ride some more each day. We have two locations where you can meet the team, book lessons, and collect your rental equipment. You can find us on Flag Beach just outside of Corralejo or visit us at our kite and surf shop in El Cotillo.

After doing this for years, we know how to make you smile.

Below, you can find out more about Flag Beach and our journey to where we are today.

Smiling person enjoying her surf lesson
Kite and surf shop on Flag Beach

The History of Flag Beach

Flag Beach was established in 1987 by Ben Thomas (owner) when he secured a licence for a watersport centre on a stretch of beach just outside Corralejo. The location was consided by many to be a long way from civilization and that no customers or tourists would venture that far. Ben Thomas staked his Flag in the ground and since that day the beach has been known as Flag Beach.

A few months later we were able to strike a deal with APLHA windsurf boards and the local Neil Pryde sail dealer, giving us are first ever equpiment.

As we began to work on building our kite and surf hut, our first shipment of equpiment arrives. May 1988 we opened our doors for business with 9 boards and 15 sails. In June 1989 we added an extension to our hut to house the increasing stock levels. At this time we were now operating on a much larger scale with 22 boards and 39 sails.

Our Story of the 90s

During the summer of 1990 we decided to replace our Tiga and Neil Pryde equipment with Fanatic and ART. We were now able to offer 34 boards and 70 sails. Following that summer, we were growing so rapidly that we needed to add another extension to our hut to cater for our growing stock levels.

May 1991 our centre was demolished and all beaches in the area of Corralejo were cleared of all bars, kiosks and stands. We continued to operate from a van on the road, providing a reliable service to our clients.

After a long 3 months wait, we were granted permission to build a new centre further back from the water’s edge. We started work immediately and after long days and late nights our newly built centre opened 5 days later.

March 1993 we submitted plans for a second hut….. and…. we are still waiting for approval.

During 1998, Flag Beach Windsurfing Centre celebrated 10 years with a beach party for 1200 people that goes on late into the night. 

After we had our 10-year anniversary, Kitesurfing started to surface in the sporting world and Flag beach begins to offer kite rentals. By 1999 Kitesurfing was now an established sport with Flag Beach being one of the best places to learn.

 2003, we celebrated our 15-year anniversary with a massive beach party, BBQ, open air concert and DJs on the beach, all night for some 2000 people.

Kitesurf lesson at Flag Beach

Island Boarders Surf School was Born

2004, we decided to start a new mobile surf school under the name ”Island Boarders”. We were now able to offer surfing lessons at different spots around the island.

4 years later and we just kept growing. Now we employ over 20 staff and Island Boarders expands to 3 classic red Land Rovers. By this time we had been in business for 20 years.

June 2009, we were given 2 hours to empty our kite and surf shop and it was pulled down by the local authority. We continued to offer our services from closer to the water’s edge. Our clients continued to use our services and were extremely grateful and supportive.

We were later informed that we could have a new hut. After 4 gruelling days  everything ready. We now have an office and internet connection.

By April 2012 We offering kitesurf, windsurf, surf, bodyboard and SUP courses and rentals for all levels. We are still a Fanatic Boarders centre and have North kites and sails. We also have a fleet of 3 semi-rigid 6 m inflatables for use on our kite courses, a fleet of Renault vans and Land Rovers for transporting our clients and in addition we have a town location that we use as a sales point with classroom for theory courses, garden for barbecues, and it is just off Rocky Point, so a great location for grabbing a surfboard or SUP and walking down the beach.

Our Beach License Comes up for renewal

Our beach licence which came up for renewal was contested by another interested party and it took 4 months to secure it. We put our heart and soul into fighting for our licence and the business we had built up over the last 28 years. With our new licence secure, we continue to offer the best and most reliable water sport courses on Fuerteventura.

2018, we celebrated our 30-year anniversary.

Fast forward to 2022 and once again we were given a few hours to empty our hut before it was taken down by the local authority. We are still waiting for permission to rebuild our hut but continue to operate from closer to the water’s edge.


We opened our Kite and Surf Shop

2023, we opened our surf and kite shop on the Northwest side of the island in El Cotillo providing a full range of watersport rentals and courses and continue to operate an unrivaled holiday experience for all of our customers.

Kite and surf shop in Corralejo

What we offer

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